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Pushing beyond the mundane practice of just selling template-style insurance policies, our trademarked approach is focused on risk management: assessing, minimizing, and preventing accidental loss and the consequent financial impact to a business. We are committed to a results-driven partnership, through the use of insurance, safety measures, and alternative risk management solutions.

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Tackling high experience mods & reducing your Workers' Compensation costs

If left to its own devices, the impact of the Workers’ Compensation system on your bottom line can be nothing short of destructive. Our foundation, the very heart and soul of our organization, is Workers’ Compensation.

Commitment to claims advocacy

Once a loss occurs, inconsistencies inherent in the claims process lead to your substantial disadvantage. We are here to ensure you are well-represented, claims are handled with urgency, and any potential negative consequences minimized.

Elite team of experienced insurance professionals

Our business plan is built around an expertise in very specific niches. When you combine this know-how with the fact we have more professional designations per employee than any other insurance broker in California, our intellectual capital becomes something to reckon with. It’s our commitment to be a “trusted adviser” rather than simply another vendor selling insurance products.

Tailored resources, proactive risk management & first-class representation

Our clients range from enterprising companies with multi-state operations, to large non-profit organizations and some small local businesses who are striving to expand.

We offer a broad base of resources tailored to the unique needs and requirements of the business owner or management team requesting our assistance. Our approach is designed to position your organization in the best light possible to the insurance marketplace. With an enormous emphasis on technical expertise, our teams offer effective solutions and alternatives traditionally not experienced by insurance buyers.

Risk & Your Bottom Line

Ultimately, the intelligent management of risk boils down to your understanding of the issues and your options. Without a thorough understanding of all “cost drivers” impacting the premiums you pay into the insurance system, you can’t help but leave money on the table.

We understand managing “cost drivers” like nobody else in the industry. We have made it our life’s work. It’s our passion and it’s your bottom line!

Take Control of your risk exposures

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