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Suhrians, as we like to call ourselves, are motivated by our client’s success as much as the success of our peers.  We understand that success is best achieved together and champion the teamwork it takes!

Dear Prospective Employee,

I’d like to extend you a warm welcome to our organization. And, I’m appreciative of your interest in our agency. Hopefully, the information you learn today will give you a greater understanding of our culture and community.

We are proud our company has evolved into one of the leading independent insurance brokerage firms in the United States. Our industry is ever changing and extremely fast paced. Our ability to stay one step ahead makes our organization a very exciting place to work. We are committed to offering opportunities to grow and advance.

Simply, we are in the knowledge and relationship business. Our real product is the wisdom and counsel we provide our clients, which helps them achieve their organization’s goals and visions. Simultaneously, we cultivate a relationship with our customer that personalizes the many products and services we provide.

Our culture values entrepreneurial thinking and collective synergy. Many people see this as a contradiction in terms. I certainly don’t. An entrepreneur takes calculated risks and brings initiative to create innovative value. By adding passion to this equation, expressed through a commitment to excellence, we come together creating an organization with limitless potential.

One of the keys to our success is the exceptional character of our employees. We look for people who have a strong distaste for mediocrity. We expect our teams to be the best in the industry. Above all, our company is committed to the highest principles, morals and ethics. This framework keeps us aligned with the values most important to us.

We have a great future and we are looking for the best people to help us create that future. I hope you will be one of them!

My best,

John B. Suhr

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