about us

Love & Risk

We love what we do. It isn’t easy to find passion in the insurance industry, but you will find it here. Where does it come from? From our devotion to being the best. From our drive to understand risk and its impact on business better than any of our peers.

Over the course of our history, we have built the intellectual capital that makes us a trusted adviser and strategic partner to our clients. We listen. We seek to understand your business and your objectives. When we recommend a plan of action, it is based on detailed analysis, trademarked processes and deep industry insight.

Our risk management and employee benefits professionals have the highest credentials available in our field. We have advised California government officials about risk management and insurance issues.

We demand the best of our people. We will deliver the best to you.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be known as a great company. We earn our greatness through a disciplined commitment to excellence, integrity, and entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a zealous and passionate commitment to our values.

Our Mission

We build long-term performance driven partnerships with our clients, employees and strategic partners. We consistently deliver trusted and innovative insurance and consulting services, while promoting a culture that fosters integrity and openness and affords everyone the opportunity to maximize their contributions. We relentlessly maintain the financial success essential to continuously evolve as an industry leader.

Our Values

Client Focus

We are consultative brokers who serve as an indispensable member of our client’s network of professional advisers. Committed to long-term partnerships, we are precise communicators learning from you how best to secure the unique interests and outcomes you define. We are driven to bringing superior quality at every step in our relationship.

Knowledge Capital

We are in the education business and hence we do not sell commodities. Since we define ourselves as a learning company, we expect ongoing focused personal and professional development from our peers.


We value everyone as an individual. We acknowledge and respect people for the uniqueness they bring to our organization.

Personal Responsibility

We are accountable for our actions and anticipate that all of us will make mistakes. The key to addressing a mistake is not only quickly recognizing and addressing it, but also to consult the right person for assistance. We are committed to learning from these experiences to improve future performance.


Each of us needs to be a leader. Leaders inspire their coworkers to do their best. Leaders are optimistic, enthusiastic, loyal, forward-thinking, disciplined, compassionate, hard working, and accepting of change.

Mutual Respect

We support an environment where all can disagree without fear and everyone will be heard and understood. In this climate of openness, we remember to treat each other as we would want to be treated.


We are driven by integrity, which beyond doing everything right, means doing the right thing. Integrity establishes the trust that is so critical to the relationships that make our values work. Uncompromising character is our hallmark.

Financial Responsibility

We shall use our financial resources thoughtfully to afford us individual and corporate security, as well as the opportunity for professional growth and development. In addition, this impregnable financial strength allows us a greater investment in our people, technology and future growth.


We encourage people to take action based on their experience and knowledge. Individual initiative is the foundation to move beyond customer satisfaction and create customer delight.


We will collectively celebrate individual and corporate success. We are thankful for everyone’s individual contributions.


As a dynamic and fluid organization, we all benefit from the ability to willingly accept change.


To be a great member of our team, we must maintain a concentrated focus on our individual responsibilities.